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Description of the localization system

The localization is controlled through .set-files. The language used in the program is set in the file PicPack.set. The string set inside PicPack.set must have corresponding .set-files.
When 'English' is written inside PicPack.set then there must be a file named English.set containing the localization into this language.

This localization file is written using a very simple file format. Each line represents a new component to be translated and is organized in the following way:
[identifier]=translation string
e.g. bCancel_label=Abbrechen (German translation)
or bCancel_label=Cancel (English translation)

How to translate (localize) and share your success

Because of the easy system it is very easy to localize the program into a new language. All you have to do is to create a new file like Deutsch.set or English.set. Then copy the whole content of an existing .set-file like English.set into it. The copied strings should be in a language you are able to translate properly. After this translate all strings behind the = into the wanted language.

NOTE: Each plugin has its own .set-files and has to be translated seperately.

To use your localized version you only have to change the string inside PicPack.set. To share your localized version you only have to share your translated .set-files.

Copyright by Stefan Schlott 2005-2006