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PicPack - a package of imaging utilities.

First I want to present myself and PicPack, of course. My name is Stefan Schlott and I was born in Berlin, Germany. Today I am studying information science in Dresden, Germany. PicPack started as my personal JAVA playground for testing new ideas. Now it is so far grown that it can be released on to let it become bigger and more international.

PicPack View

I personally hope that different states of knowledge in different parts of java or imaging technologies will come together to push this project forward.

The first release under the name PicPack will be PicPack View - a file viewer to browse through directories and directly view supported file formats (especially image formats). Interesting for everybody using digital cameras is the support of extracting EXIF information saved in .JPG-files produced by the camera. Nearly all modern digital cameras store information like the date/time or shutter value in connection with the picture taken. Another benefit of reading EXIF information is the extraction of picture thumbnails. Today the resolution of a digicam is very high and the resulting picture file which has to be loaded into memory is quiet big. Showing only the extracted thumbnails enormously boosts the speed of picture browsing.

Underneath this introduction you can see a screenshot of PicPack view. There you already can suspect the picture browsing abilities of the program. On the left side is the directory view with little preview pictures for supported file types. On the right side is you can see the chosen file, if chosen in the directory view.

Features already realised and features to come

In the section TODO, which you quickly can access via the upper navigation bar you can always see the features already implemented. Additionally you will see the features which will be contained in future releases. These features or improvements to come shall mainly by determined by users and their wishes.

Copyright by Stefan Schlott 2005-2006